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 HCARC has been ARRL affilliated since May, 2003.  Click here to view our ARRL Club Detail Record, which contains official club contact information including phone numbers and addresses.



HCARC Membership Information

Annual Dues: $10.

Student Dues: $0.

Household Membership Dues: $5 per additional member in same household.

Dues pro-rated for new members.

New hams get up to three months free membership from license grant date.


Dues can be paid by cash or check at club events or mailed to:


Dan Sprow KC8RYF

(click for address)


 Make checks payable to Hillsdale County Amateur Radio Club or HCARC.  Don't forget to fill out an updated membership application.



Club Leadership (email us)


The club seeks qualified candidates to fill vacant positions in the leadership group.  Check out the club constitution on our website for information about officer duties.  Feel free to contact any of the current club leadership for more information.  Special elections will be conducted at club meetings until the positions are filled.




To be added to our mailing list just send an email to the webmaster.

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Information Flyer

Membership Application



Meeting Mintues

(* Indicates draft awaiting membership approval)


05/20/21 (PDF)

03/18/21 (PDF)

01/21/21 (PDF)



11/21/19 (PDF)

08/15/19 (PDF)

05/15/19 (PDF)

02/16/19 (PDF)

01/12/19 Annual (PDF) *



08/16/18 (PDF) *

04/18/18 (PDF)

02/17/18 (PDF)

01/13/18 Annual (PDF)



12/15/17 (PDF)

11/16/17 (PDF)

09/21/17 (PDF)

07/20/17 (PDF)

06/15/17 (PDF)

04/20/17 (PDF)

03/16/17 (PDF)

01/19/17 Annual (PDF)

01/19/17 (PDF)




ARRL Membership Information

HCARC can receive a $15 commission for each new or lapsed (over 2 years) ARRL membership and a $2 commission for every ARRL renewal (some restrictions apply).  In order to do this, you must return your completed paper application and payment to any HCARC Officer.  If you return your application directly to ARRL or apply online, HCARC will not receive the commission from ARRL.  More information available at the ARRL Affiliated Club Benifits Page


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