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November 2014


News for Amateur Radio Operators In and Around Hillsdale County



The next club meeting will be Thursday, November 20 at 7pm at the First United Methodist Church, 45 N Manning in Hillsdale (map).  Park in city lot F and use the east entrance off the alley to the Fellowship Hall in the basement.  This is an important meeting because we will be electing officers for next year.  We need to have a quorum (at least 1/3 of membership) present in order to hold the elections.


Eight members attended the club meeting on October 16.  After the business meeting, we watched a video called PMRC's "Every Single Minute" about the Phil-Mont Mobile Radio Club and it’s response to the Delaware River flooding in 1955.


This month the Ham Breakfast will be held on Saturday, November 8 at 8am at the Sidekick Cafe, 4682 Hudson Road in Osseo (map).  Everyone welcome!


Five members attended the October breakfast at the North Adams Coffee Shop.


One of the restaurants in our regular rotation, Tastes of Life in Hillsdale, has closed as of September 28.


The next Board Meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 12 at 6pm at the First United Methodist Church, 45 N Manning in Hillsdale (map).  Normally held on the first Wednesday of the month, it is pushed back because the church is holding a special event that night.  All members are welcome to attend the board meeting.



Membership Report

Club membership stands at 19 as of October 31.  There was no membership activity in the last month.  Membership application is available here (print 2-sided).



Club Officer Elections

Club officer elections for 2015 will be held on November 20.  If you are interested in becoming a club officer, check the club constitution on our website for information about officer duties and election procedures.  Feel free to contact any of the current club officers for more information.



Website Problems

We’ve been having some problems with our website for the last few weeks.  We’ve been unable to post updates since September 23.  Be aware that some of the material, especially the calendar, is getting dated.



New Hams

Congratulations to new county ham Erik Kiledal KD8ZQR.  He was granted his General license on October 17.



Sam Shearer WB8NDZ (SK)

Former club member Sam Shearer WB8NDZ passed away on Friday, October 24.  Click here to view his obituary.



Election Day November 4

Tuesday, November 4 is Election Day in Michigan.  Positions being voted on include governor, state and federal lawmakers, secretary of state, attorney general and county offices.  There are also a couple of statewide proposals on the ballot.  There may be additional items on the ballot in your precinct.  Visit the Michigan Voter Information Center website to check if you are registered and find other election information, including a map to your polling place and a sample ballot.



ARRL Great Lakes Region Vice Director Candidate Dies Unexpectedly

Steve Putman N8ZR, one of the candidates for the ARRL Great Lakes Division Vice Director position, died unexpectedly on October 5.  Since balloting was already underway at the time of his death, the ARRL Ethics and Elections Committee determined that all votes cast will still be counted.  If Putman receives the most votes, a vacancy will be declared and filled by appointment by ARRL President Kay Craigie N3KN.  Voting is open through noon ET on November 21.  (ARRL story)



PRB-1 Update

No update on US House HR 4969 since last month.  Click here to follow the progress of US House HR 4969.


Michigan Senate Bill 0493 was passed by the Senate on October 22 and has moved to the House.  Please read the following message from ARRL Michigan Section State Government Liaison Ed Hude WA8QJE.  Click here to follow the progress of the Michigan Senate Bill 0493.



A Message From ARRL Michigan Section State Government Liaison Ed Hude WA8QJ


October 30, 2014


Michigan Hams: This is our time to get this done.  Get this information to your friends and to your radio club.  Unless your next club meeting is in the next week, don't wait for the next meeting. - Send the information out in an email, make phone calls, and make every effort to get the maximum number of letters to the members of the House Energy and Technology Committee.  Be creative and GET OUT THE VOTE!!
We can do this!
To the hams of
Here is an important update from our State Government Liaison, Ed Hude, WA8QJE on the status of the PRB-1 project here in
In September, 2014, Senator Nofs and the members of the Senate Energy and Technology Committee unanimously reported SB 0493 favorably to the Committee of the Whole.  The Senate held the third reading of the bill on
October 22, 2014 and the Senate passed the bill unanimously.
Now our bill is heading to the House of Representatives for their consideration.  It is expected that the bill will be assigned to the Energy and Technology Committee in the House and it is time for our membership to communicate with the Chairman and the members of the Committee.
This is where I need your help.  I am asking that each and every one of you contact the Committee Chair and the Committee Members of the House Energy and Technology Committee to encourage them to take action on this bill.

This communication can be best done by email.  Below the attached sample message is a listing of the Chairman and members of the committee and their House website where you can cut and paste your letter on their website or their email address where you can use your word processor to generate your letter.  It is acceptable for anyone to send a note to all of the Committee Members, even if you don’t live in his or her district.  Just make sure that your subject line is “House Energy and Technology Committee”.  That will get the necessary attention.
The following is a suggestion as to what to include in your message.  If you deviate from this message, please be respectful and communicate in a professional tone.  Please be sure to carbon copy or “cc:” both myself and our Section Manager Larry Camp, WB8R.
You do not need to be a licensed operator to send this message.  Even your spouse can send a separate message.  (Just be sure to not place a call sign in the signature)
Let’s work together and keep this moving forward!!! Thank you.

SUBJECT:  House Energy and Technology Committee and SB 0493
Representative   ___________,
I am asking that you please give consideration to scheduling SB 0493 for review and passage within the House Energy and Technology Committee.  Senate Bill 0493, if passed, will recognize the Federal Communications Commission preemption of PRB-1.  This will help all licensed Amateur Radio Operators across the State of
Michigan, especially in the times of needed emergency communications.  Your assistance as well as that of the other committee members is urgently needed.
(Call sign)
(Email Address)
Cc:       wa8qje@arrl.net
House Energy and Technology Committee Members
Aric Nesbitt (R) Committee Chair, 66th District
Mike Shirkey (R) Majority Vice-Chair, 65th District
Jeff Farrington (R) 30th District
Ray Franz (R) 101st District
Bradford Jacobsen (R) 46thDistrict
Rick Outman (R) 70th District
Peter Pettalia (R) 106th District
Amanda Price (R) 89th District
Wayne Schmidt (R) 104th District

Dale Zorn (R) 56th District
Joseph Graves (R) 51st District
Dan Lauwers (R) 81st District
Martin Howrylak (R) 41st District
Thomas Stallworth (D) Minority Vice-Chair, 7th District
Rudy Hobbs (D) 35th District
David Nathan (D) 8th District
Bill LaVoy (D) 17th District
Marilyn Lane (D) 31st District 
Charles Brunner (D) 96th District
Henry Yanez (D) 25th District
Collene Lamonte (D) 91st District
Phil Phelps (D) 49th District



Equipment For Sale

County ham Bill Mullins KD8LOT has some more equipment for sale.


1-Yaesu FT-897 comes with Programming Cable and Programming cd )  $600.00)

2-Yaesu FT-2900  ($70.00 each)

6-Yaesu Hand Microphone new  ($25.00 each)

1-Wires-2 Repeater never used  ($70.00)

1-Yaesu  Vertex 7000 Desktop Repeater  ($600.00)

1-Vertex MD-12ABJ DeskTop Microphone  ($45.00)

1-General Lee AM/FM Transceiver  ($100.00)

1-Rig Blaster DUO  ($100.00)

2-VX-8R for both of them, .comes with programming cable and cd  ($350.00)

1-MFJ Intellituner Model mf-j-993b  new  ($140.00)

1-Dosy Test Center  ($100.00)

1-Galaxy Saturn Base Station  ($200.00)


Other miscellaneous radio items also available.  If interested, email him at KD8LOT@gmail.com.



State Police Break Ground on New Emergency Operations Center

Michigan State Police officials, along with Governor Rick Snyder, broke ground on a new $22 million emergency operations center that will be built to withstand tornados and earthquakes.  The State Emergency Operations Center is a 28,000-square foot building expected to open in November 2015.  Captain Chris Kelenske, commander of the state police’s emergency management and homeland  security division, said the facility will be a massive upgrade over the current emergency operations center.  (Mlive.com story)



ARRL Asks FCC to Elevate 2300-2305 MHz to Primary

The ARRL has once again asked the FCC to elevate the Amateur Service allocation at 2300 to 2305 MHz from secondary to primary.  It’s complicated…read the story.  (Southgate Amateur Radio News story)



Indonesia’s New President, Vice President are Radio Amateurs

Indonesia’s new national leaders are both Amateur Radio licensees.  Inaugurated on October 20 were President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo YD2JKW and Vice President Jusuf Kalla YC8HYK.  Indonesia is the world’s third-largest democracy, with a population of approximately 250 million.  (ARRL story)



Ham Radio in Space

The RACE and GOMX-2 CubeSats were among more than 2 dozen satellites lost after an unmanned Orbital Space Sciences Antares 130 vehicle exploded spectacularly shortly after launch on October 28, from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport on Wallops Island on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.  Both satellite packages carried Amateur Radio payloads.  (ARRL story)



Emergency Activities

Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) volunteers on the Big Island of Hawaii are putting plans in place in case they need to activate in response to the Puna lava flow with 40 to 50 homes in its path.  On October 28, the lava claimed its first structure, a shed in Pahoa.  The lava originated from new “vents” in the Earth as a result of the Mt Kilauea volcano, which began erupting more than 30 years ago.  After grinding to a halt nearly a month ago, the lava flow recently resumed its slow and devastating crawl toward populated areas.  Residents in the path of the flow have been notified of a possible need to evacuate, and an evacuation advisory for down-slope residents remains in effect.  (ARRL story)



FCC Amateur Radio License Database Activity in Hillsdale County

10/17/14 KD8DVP SOUTH CENTRAL MICHIGAN EMCOMM - HILLSDALE CHAPTER, Licensee / Applicant company name changed, Address updated from out of county


10/17/14 KD8DVQ SOUTH CENTRAL MICHIGAN EMCOMM - HILLSDALE CHAPTER, Licensee / Applicant company name changed, Address updated from out of county


10/17/14 KD8ZQR Erik Kiledal, new licensee General




The ARRL has posted a Centennial QSO Party leader board that participants can use to determine how many points they have accumulated in the Centennial QSO Party and in the W1AW WAS (Worked All States) operations.  Log in using your Logbook of The World (LoTW) user name and password, and your position will appear at the top of the leader boards.  Results are updated daily, based on contacts entered into LoTW.



The ARRL Centennial QSO Party kicked off January 1 for a year-long operating event in which participants can accumulate points and win awards in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the ARRL.  During 2014 W1AW will be on the air from every state (at least twice) and most US territories, and it will be easy to work all states solely by contacting W1AW portable operations.  The event is open to all, although only ARRL members and appointees, elected officials, HQ staff and W1AW are worth points.  (ARRL story)  Lots of addition information about the centennial QSO party is available here.



ARRL membership certificates commemorating the League’s 100th anniversary in 2014 now are available.  Members logged onto the League’s website can generate their own certificates or cards online for printing.  (ARRL story)



Upcoming Events

November 8 – Ham Breakfast

November 12 – Board Meeting

November 15 & 16 – Fort Wayne Hamfest

November 20 – Club Meeting & Officer Elections

December 6 - Fulton County Winter Hamfest

December 13 – Ham Breakfast

December 19? – Christmas Party


Send us your comments and suggestions to K8HRC@arrl.net

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